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First in Novinite-Dnes.eu: Niko Tuparev has been arrested!


Despite the umbrellas in the police, court and in the prosecution, justice prevailed!! His greed have putted the TV producer of Nova Television and BTV Niko Tuparev behind bars!

Today, the famous TV producer was arrested by the law enforcement authorities and was charged with theft of a particularly large amount, facing a sentence of 10 to 20 years in prison.

According to an inside source who requested anonymity, Tuparev has for years enjoyed an umbrella in the judiciary and prosecution system from those in power, thanks to which he has carried out his scams, which are now coming to light.

We recall that such accusations over the years were received by persons such as Tsvetan Vassilev, the Banevi family and Desislava Ivancheva.

As it has already become clear, the CPC has already referred itself for the large-scale draining of the production company Old Skull in Nova TV and BTV by Tuparev and his partners Maya Todorova, Radoslav Tushev and Vitomir Saraivanov and initiated proceedings for prohibition of unfair competition under number 389 dated 14.05.2024.

Проверка по рама

Criminologists and independent experts predict that the next people the prosecution and the Themis will target are Tuparev’s partners – Maya Todorova, Radoslav Tushev and Vitomir Saraivanov, for their involvement in Tuparev’s large-scale financial abuses.

From the more than 400 pages of evidence collected by the CPC, it is clear that Niko Tuparev, through a complex financial and legal scheme through his own companies, has drained millions of leva from the TV shows The Bachelor, Big Brother, VIP Brother, Dancing with the Stars, Who wants to be a millionaire, Games of Will, The icing on the cake, Hells Kitchen, My Star Kitchen with Sylvena Rowe and many others in Nova TV and BTV. It is being investigated whether Nova TV and BTV themselves were involved in the fraudulent practice.

Niko Tuparev carried out his fraud with his partners Maya Todorova and Radoslav Tushev in the companies FX Camera Ltd. and Republic of Kent Ltd., where Maya Todorova and Rado Tushev each have 20% and Tuparev 60%, and with the company Two by Two Ltd., where Tuparev is a partner with Vitomir Saraivanov in a 50/50 ratio. Tuparev, Maya Todorova and Radoslav Tushev annually realize the format „The Bachelor“, „Dancing with the Stars“, „Who wants to be a millionaire“ and „Health Kitchen“ in BTV and Nova TV, and with Two by Two Ltd. Tuparev and Vitomir Saraivanov realize the format „Games of Will“ in Nova TV.

For over 10 years Niko Tuparev worked under the patronage and in secret partnership with TV boss Didier Stossel, who occupied the chief chair at Nova TV and now head of the BTV group. The Frenchman took back fat kickbacks from Tuparev to allow the fraud to go on for many years. Over the last 15 years, more than 100 million leva have been stolen in this way. Tuparev submitted false expense reports to the TV stations, which are under investigation, and Stossel’s commitment was to ensure that the expenses were accepted by his employees and the money was paid by the TV stations to one of the companies linked to Niko Tuparev. Stossel was the man who, for a percentage for him personally, allowed the National Lottery of Bozhkov and Tuparev on the air of Nova Television, known as the „theft of the century“, which we will address separately in our next investigations.

Recently, Stossel arranged for Tuparev to film Big Brother in the Czech Republic and Who wants to be a millionaire in Serbia for a payoff. They were currently preparing a new project together in Greece.

The proverbially honest Tuparev has a long history of failed partnerships:

Магазин за Акумулатори

– In 2008 he split with his partners in the production company Sia Advertising – Dimitar Mitovski, Rosen Tsankov and Dimitar Gotchev, after a scandal over money.

– In 2008 he was expelled from the Shumen company Ital Foods Industry AD, creator of Bruschetta Maretti and Grandma’s Walnuts, and instead he was taken as a partner Krasen Kurkchiev, again because of Tuparev’s greed.

– In 2010, Big Brother creator Niki Nikolov was kicked out of their joint companies by Niko Tuparev after a noisy scandal over money.

– 2012 – again for money Tuparev kicks out Rumen Lukanov from Old School.

– For more than 25 years Tuparev because of his greed exploited and cheated the host Uti Bachvarov holding his show „Tasty“ in his own company Eff Hicks Camera.

– 2018 – Tuparev was expelled from the National Lottery by Vasil Bozhkov, again because of his greed and „honesty“.

– 2019 – Tuparev breaks up with Borislav and Viktor Chuchkov, whom he has been friends with since childhood, over money, driving them and their company Chuchkov Brothers Studio into bankruptcy.

– 2022 – Tuparev screws over his best friends Ivan and Andrey despite their loyalty and good work, and with the help of Didier Stossel pushes them out of BTV to take their business through the companies of Maya Todorova, Radoslav Tushev and Vitomir Sarivanov.

Stay tuned for news on this hot topic!

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